• Class 3 Digital Signature

CLASS 3 Digital Signature - Signing & Encryption [Combo]

Terms & Conditions :
  • Online Order means make payment online and enroll DSC. DSC shall be issued after receiving of complete documents & completion of verifications.
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  • For Billing Instructions, See Our Billing Instructions
Document & Verification Needed:-
  • Application Form & Supporting Documents.
  • Video & SMS Verification by Applicant.
For 2 Yr - With USB Token -₹ 2600/-
    For 3 Yr - With USB Token -₹ 3600/-

PROCESS TO ORDER CLASS 3 Digital Signature Certificate ONLINE ?

  • Choose your validity and click on "PAY & ENROLL DSC NOW " button to make payment with above green buttons.
  • Enter full details like billing, shipping details while making payments to us.
  • After payment you need to enter your applicant & organization details for which you are buying DSC.
  • Download the Application Form & attach supporting documents with it as per application form. CLICK TO SEE LIST OF DOCUMENTS REQUIRED !
  • Prepare a scan copy of all completed documents and send us scan copy on for cross verification.
  • If documents are OK, We will process your Digital Signature.
  • Complete Video and Phone Verification. After verifications, your Digital Signature will be ready to dispatched or pickup as per your request.

Technical Specifications of Class 3BCombo DSC :-

  • Class of DSC : Class 3
  • Type of Certificate : Signing & Encryption
  • Validity of DSC : 1, 2, 3 Years
  • User Types : Organization User / Government User / Banking User
  • Bits of DSC : 2048 Bit
  • Algorithm of DSC : SHA 2
  • Storage of DSC : ON FIPS Certified Cryptographic USB Tokens

Class 3 Signing & Encryption DSC can be used for :-

  • For e-Tendering, eProcurement
  • For e-Bidding, e-Auction
  • For High Court e-Filing
  • For Custom & Excise eFiling
  • For Net Banking
  • For Online Tenders

What is Class 3 Digital Signature - Organization User DSC ?

Class 3 Digital Signature for eTendering can be issued to ( Organization User / Government User / Banking User } with Signing & Encryption ( Combo ) certificate for a validity period of minimum 1 years and 3 years maximum. Class 3 Digital Signature can be store on only FIPS Certified USB Token like ePass Auto 2003.

Class 3 Digital Signature with Signing & Encryption [ COMBO ] certificate is the higest level of certificate among all type of certificates. Class 3 Digital Signature issued to an organization with Combo DSC can be used for eTendering, eProcurement, eBidding, eAuction on all government , semi government, PSUs, Private portals all over India.

Class 3B Organization User DSC can be issued to Propritorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Private Limited, Limited, NGOs / Trust, LLP , Government Users & Banking Users with documents of existance of Organization.

Class 3 digital signature can be issued in two categories : Signing , Signing & Encryption. Signing Certificate could only be used for signing a document whereas encryption certificate provides protection to encrypted document / information over the transmission of document / information on internet. Encryption Certificates are most popular to use on eTendering or eProcurment platforms. Encryption certificates basically secure the documents / information until it reaches to intended recipient.

What is Encryption Certificate ?

Encryption Certificate is used to convert confidential documents into language of computer to avoid leakage of documents. Documents encrypted with encryption digital signature can be decrypt with digital signature only. Encryption certificate ensures confidentiality and integrity of documents.

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