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How to become DSC agent ?

Updated: Mar 6

How to become DSC agent ?

The DSC Agent is basically designed to support agreements with terrestrial and amateur organizations that sell digital signature certificates ( DSCs ), esign services, PKI services, and related services.

How to become DSC agent ?

Anyone can start a business with a digital signature directly with eSolutions. The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a unique password protected USB drive that stores the person’s guaranteed signatures.

The rundown of individuals may be DSC Agent as DSC resellers and maintain a DSC business in India.

  1. Accounting Firms.

  2. Legal advisers.

  3. IRCTC agents.

  4. Formerly Subdealer or Sub LRA.

  5. Project staff / e-Tendering Managers.

  6. Any person / Any organization

Why to join eSolutions to become DSC Agent ?

No high investment: Start with minimum 10 Qty. We don't want partners to invest huge amounts to become DSC Agent in this crucial time.

Set a selling price: Partners, affiliates, and digital signature certificate specialists can deliver to their organization and sell DSC at the price they want for the most benefits.

Horizonless Reseller Program: If you hire DSC employees, you may also communicate with DSC specialists, DSC affiliates, or end-users as you wish, and any information is not public.

Tremendous Gains: After getting a DSC accomplice, affiliate, or specialist you can appropriate Digital Signature Instruments at a superior cost to acquire gigantic increases.

Do you need to be our partner for digital signatures? Talk to our team and start a digital signature business and publish DSC anywhere, anytime.

DSC Agent Benfits with eSolutions :

  • High Profit Margins

  • Create your own Channel Network

  • Buy & Sell DSC, USB Tokens at your profit.

  • No Franchise / DSC Agent Fee.

  • No Security Deposit.

Signup for DSC Agent now !


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