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What is Class 3 Digital Signature Organization User  ?

Organization User digital signature certificates can be issued to any authorized individual person of an organization. For example "Sumit Gupta" is working with "eSolutions" then he can buy digital signature on behalf of organization by submitting required documents. On issuance of DSC his digital signature will be on his name i.e "Sumit Gupta" along with organization name, eMail ID, PAN Number, State Name with PIN Code. W.e.f Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate was discontinued, so now only Class 3 DSC is available.

Any authorized representative can buy digital signature on behalf of organization by submitting supporting documents in paperless mode as per type of company. For issuance of organizational digital certificate, applicant must submit his personal documents as well as organizational documents to authenticate that he is authorized by organization or himself is a authorized signatory to obtain digital signatures. DSC will be issued after enrollment and various verification like video, eSign and eMail. Applicant need to show his original documents during the video verification for authentication.

What is maximum validity period  and why USB is required ?

Class 3 Organizational digital signature & DGFT DSC can be issued for minimum 1 years, 2 and maximum 3 years. After issuance of digital signature, user can download his digital signature in FIPS Certified USB Token or can request us to assist in downloading of dsc. Currently 3 years dsc can not be issued due to expiry of CCA root chain. 

Where we can use Class 3 Organization User DSCs  ?

- eTendering, eProcurement Websites

- eBidding, eAuction Websites

- ICEGate, eSanchit, MEIS, SEIS 

- Gram Panchayat, Gram Pradhan

- Gram Sarpanch, Gram Sachiv

- Custom House Agent ( CHAs )

- CERSAI Website

- CBSE and AICTE Institutions.

What is DGFT DSC for Organization / Company ?

DGFT Digital Signature is used to communicate with DGFT Website for various transactions by IEC Organizations. DGFT DSC is a special type of certificate contains applicant name, organization name, organization iec and branch code, eMail ID, applicant pan number and state name with pin code. DGFT DSC can be issued only to organizations having IEC Code. DGFT DSC can be used for below transactions.

- IEC Renewal, IEC Updation

- Branch Addition, Licenses eFiling

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