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Buy Digital Signature for AICTE Approved Institutions

As per AICTE latest notification dated 03.02.2021 , Digital Signature Certificate is now mandatory for AICTE Approved Institutions. President or Chairman of the Trust Or Secretary Or Treasurer OR Head of the Institution can only obtain digital signature certificate for submission of documents.

AICTE has endeavored to process the applications for grant of approval to all its courses in ONLINE mode since past years. Furthering the cause, all applications shall be required to be signed digitally using a Class 3 Digital Signature with signing & encryption from the upcoming Approval Process for AY 2O21-2022.

Above four authorized representative may buy Class 3 Organization User Digital Signature with Signing & Encryption Certificates to complete the talk.

Which type of digital signature is required for AICTE Institutions.

Class 3 Digital Signature is required for AICTE Institutions to perform various transactions. With the help of class 3 DSC for AICTE, you can make your AICTE filling work easy and convenient.

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