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Digital Signature for TDS Traces, How to buy and registration process.

TDS TRACES is a web application of the Income Tax Department. The IT Department is developing tools to ensure smooth online return filing for the taxpayer. The Income Tax Department developed an advanced system called ITD e-filing DSC Management Utility to enable digital signing of the online returns. This utility system enables taxpayers to digitally sign and file their online returns with respect to TDS, Income Tax etc through Digital Signature.

Which DSC is required for TDS Traces ?

Class 3 Individual User Signing Certificate is required for TDS Traces transactions. You can buy Class 3 Digital Signature from our website at best prices.

Process to buy DSC for Traces ? Visit Buy Class 3 Digital Signature page, choose your type of certificate as Individual User, Signing Certificate, Validity, Token required or not and make the payment to confirm your order.

Process to Register Digital Signature for Traces :-

Step 2: Click on Register as New User, Select Deductor and click Proceed button.

Step 3: Enter TAN of the deductor, verification code and click on proceed button.

Step 4: Enter Token Number / Provisional Receipt Number, challan details and fill all Details.

Step 5: On Confirmation page confirm all Details.

Step 6: After that click on Registration Tab and registration will be done successfully.


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