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Digital Signature for eTendering

Updated: May 15, 2023

Digital Signature Certificate made eTendering process transparent & seamless. Digital Signature for Tenders or eTendering.

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is essential for organizations that take part or intend to take part in eTendering processes on various Government websites. For accomplishing any e-tendering process, Class 3 DSC for tender request submission of many companies is indispensable.

Digital Signature for Tenders or eTendering

What is eTendering ?

Electronic tender, or eTender, is the process of sending and receiving bid tenders using online procurement platforms. eTendering makes a huge difference to the procurement process as it offers improved visibility, compliance and decision-making across source-to-pay (S2P) operations.

Why Digital Signature ?

The use of class 3 digital signature for e-tendering is legally permissible and validated to file any request/bid for e-procurement processes. As per the IT act, 2000 Govt of India, it is necessary to use DSC for submitting requests for e-tender. It validates the company details and provides more transparency and safety to the whole process.

Process to obtain Digital Signature for Tender ?

To obtain a digital signature for e-tendering, you need to visit Buy Class 3 DSC to apply. After ordering dsc online, an applicant can easily get dsc with below eKYC process :-

  • Online Aadhaar OTP

  • PAN-based KYC

  • Biometric Based

  • Online Organization Based DSC.

Out of abobe 4 options, 3 options are for Individual User Applicants whereas Organization based DSC option is applicable to organization users.

Documents Required for take Digital Signature for eTendering ?

Online Aadhaar, Biometric based KYC is applicable to individual users and following information is required.

  1. Aadhaar Number

  2. PAN Number

  3. Mobile Number

  4. eMail ID

3-4 OTPs or Fingerprint is required for Online aadhaar and biometric respectively. For an organization, following documents required mostly.

  1. Photograph of individual

  2. PAN of Individual

  3. Business Registration Certificate

  4. GST Certificate

  5. Authorization letter

What is cost of digital signature for etender ?

Cost of digital signature for etender depends on type, validity, user and token choice. You can check the digital signature for etender price in our digital signature price list. We issue digital signature for tender for 1, 2 years & 3 years. Individual User and Organization Users have different price accordingly.


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