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How to Renew Digital Signature. DSC Renewal Cost and Fees.

Updated: May 3

How to Renew Digital Signature ? Digital Signature Renewal ( DSC ) Cost and Fees.

Digital Signature Renewal : Digital signature renewal refers to the process of extending the validity period of a digital signature certificate (DSC). A digital signature certificate is an electronic form of identification, used to sign digital documents, authenticate the identity of the signer, and ensure the integrity of the document. Like physical IDs or passports, digital signatures have expiration dates, after which they are no longer valid.

Digital Signature Renewal, DSC Renewal

Renewing a digital signature involves obtaining a new certificate with an extended validity period before or after the current one expires. This process typically involves similar steps to obtaining the original certificate, such as identity verification and issuance by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) or a government-approved agency. The renewal process ensures that individuals or organizations can continue to use their digital signatures for electronic transactions, contracts, filings, and other online activities securely and legally.

In India, the process of renewing a digital signature certificate (DSC) involves several steps. Here's a general overview of the typical process:

  1. Choose a Digital Signature Provider : Select a Digital Signature Provider like eSolutions, authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), which is the regulatory body for digital signatures in India. Popular CAs in India include eMudhra, Capricorn, PantaSign, XtraTrust etc.

  2. Prepare Documentation: Gather the necessary documents required for the renewal process. This typically includes identity proof, address proof, and any other documents specified by the CA.

  3. Identity Verification: Verify your identity through a process specified by the CA. This may involve physical verification of documents or online verification using Aadhaar-based e-KYC.

  4. Payment: Pay the renewal fees to the CA. The fees vary depending on the type of certificate and the CA.

  5. Certificate Generation: Once the application and payment are processed, the CA will generate the renewed digital signature certificate. After the certificate is issued, download it from the CA's website using your login credentials.

  6. Update Digital Signature in Applications: If you use the digital signature certificate with specific software applications or services, update the certificate information in those applications to ensure seamless usage.

  7. Keep Records: Keep a record of the renewed certificate, including the certificate file, password (if applicable), and any related documents for future reference.

It's important to note that the specific steps and requirements may vary slightly depending on the CA and the type of digital signature certificate being renewed. Always refer to the guidelines provided by the chosen CA for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Digital Signature Renewal Cost :

The cost of renewing a digital signature certificate (DSC) in India can vary depending on several factors, including the type of certificate, the Certifying Authority (CA) chosen, and any additional services or features included in the renewal package. However, here is a general idea of the approximate costs for renewing a DSC for 2 years and 3 years:

  1. Class 3 DSC Renewal:

  • For a 2-year renewal: The cost can range from ₹1000 to ₹2500 approximately.

  • For a 3-year renewal: The cost can range from ₹1500 to ₹3500 approximately.

Please note that these are approximate costs and can vary based on factors such as the pricing policies, any promotional offers, or additional services included in the renewal package. It's essential to check with specific vendor for their current pricing and any discounts or offers available at the time of renewal. Additionally, government taxes or fees may also apply, so it's advisable to inquire about all applicable charges beforehand.

Documents Required for DSC Renewal :

When renewing a digital signature certificate (DSC) in India as an individual user, you typically need to provide certain documents to the Certifying Authority (CA) to verify your identity and process the renewal request. Here are the commonly required documents:

  1. Existing Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): You'll need the details of your current DSC, including the certificate serial number, validity period, and any other relevant information.

  2. Proof of Identity (PoI): Any one of the following documents can be submitted :

  • Aadhaar Card or Passport

  • Voter ID Card or Driving License

  • PAN Card

  1. Proof of Address (PoA): Any one of the following documents can be submitted:

  • Aadhaar Card or Passport or Voter ID Card or Driving License

  • Utility Bills (Electricity, Telephone, Water, Gas) - Recent and not older than 3 months or Bank Statement - Recent and not older than 3 months

  • Ration Card or Property Tax Receipt

  1. Photographs: You may be required to provide recent passport-sized photographs for identity verification purposes. The number of photographs required may vary depending on the CA's policies.

  2. Payment Proof: Keep proof of payment for the renewal fees, such as a payment receipt or transaction reference number.

  3. Authorization Letter (if applicable): If someone else is renewing the DSC on your behalf, you may need to provide an authorization letter along with their identity and address proof documents.

It's important to note that the specific documents required may vary slightly depending on the CA's policies for digital signature certificate renewals and any changes in regulatory requirements. Always refer to the guidelines provided by the chosen CA for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding document requirements for DSC renewal.

FAQ About Digital Signature Renewal :

  1. Can we renew DSC after expiry? - Yes, you can renew dsc after expiry also.

  2. How do I renew my ePass digital signature ? - Follow dsc renewal steps.

  3. Do i need to buy Fresh USB Token ? - Yes, Old USB Tokens are discontnued by Govt.

  4. Documents Required for Digital Signature Renewal ? - Refer this list.


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