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Class 3 Digital Signature Uses - Top 21 Uses List

Here is the list of Top 25 Class 3 Digital Signature Uses

As of my last update, Class 3 Digital Signatures are often required for secure online transactions and authentication, especially in sectors where sensitive information is involved. While Class 3 Digital Signatures are commonly used for secure online transactions and authentication in various sectors in India, it's important to note that the specific websites or platforms where they are mandatory can vary depending on the nature of transactions and regulatory requirements.

Digital Signature Uses

Here's a generalized list of main 21 types of websites or platforms where Class 3 Digital Signatures may be required:

  1. Income Tax Department: Class 3 digital signature is for filing income tax returns and other tax-related transactions on the Income Tax e-Filing Portal .

  2. GST Portal: For GST registration, return filing, and other GST-related transactions.

  3. MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) Portal: For company registration, filing annual returns, and other statutory filings.

  4. e-Tendering Platforms: For participating in online tendering processes for government contracts. Buy Class 3 Digital Signature for eTendering.

  5. e-Procurement Portals: For submitting bids and participating in procurement processes.

  6. Customs EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) System: For online customs clearance and trade-related transactions.

  7. e-Courts Portal: For accessing court documents, case status, and other legal services.

  8. e-Sanchit (Electronic Storage and Computerized Handling of Indirect Tax Documents): For submitting supporting documents for customs and indirect tax transactions.

  9. DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) Portal: For obtaining Importer Exporter Code (IEC) and other trade-related transactions.

  10. Online Banking: For high-security online banking transactions, such as large fund transfers and corporate banking.

  11. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) Portal: For booking e-tickets and other railway-related transactions.

  12. EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organisation) Portal: For EPF (Employee Provident Fund) related transactions.

  13. e-Insurance Platforms: For purchasing and managing insurance policies online.

  14. e-Governance Portals: For accessing government services and performing various online transactions.

  15. Digital Signature Certificate Providers: For obtaining or renewing Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) for various purposes.

  16. Online Auction Platforms: For participating in online auctions conducted by government departments or private entities.

  17. e-Visa Application Portals: For applying for electronic visas for travel to India.

  18. NSWS : For approval of various licenses on National Single Window System ( NSWS ) In India.

  19. Gram Panchayats: For signing various applications and approval, Gram Sarpanch needs digital signature for gram panchayats.

  20. Banking & CERSAI: For accessing CERSAI website and other bank related work, digital signature is required.

  21. CBSE & AICTE Affiliated Websites: For uploading LOC and other important transactions, digital signature is required to such institutions.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the requirement for Class 3 Digital Signatures may vary based on specific transactions and regulatory mandates. It's advisable to check the requirements of individual websites or platforms before obtaining Class 3 Digital Signatures.

Which Type of Digital Signature is required for these above web portals.

Class 3 Individual Signing Digital Signature Certificate is required for below :-

  • Income Tax Return ( ITR ) eFiling

  • Audit eFiling, Traces

  • ROC and MCA eFiling

  • GST & IEC Registration

  • Trademark and Patent eFiling

  • IRCTC eTicketing

  • Directors EKYC

  • Provident Fund, EPFO

  • Company Registration

Class 3 Individual Combo Digital Signature is required for below :-

  • ICEGate, eSanchit, MEIS, SEIS Website.


Class 3 Organization Combo Digital Signature is required for below :-

  • All Indian eTenders, eTendering Websites

  • All Indian eBidding, eAuction Websites

  • All India eProcurement Websites

  • Gram Panchayat, Gram Pradhan, Gram Sachiv

  • AICTE and CBSE Affiliated Institutions

  • Startup India, NSWS

  • Gram Sarpanch, CERSAI Website

Class 3 DGFT Digital Signature is required for below :

  • IEC Updation / Renewal

  • DGFT Application eFiling

  • Applications eFiling etc

  • It can be used for only

Note :- We have provided a suggested list of websites and departments as per our knowledge. Type of DSC required may change by websites time to time, So Please verify it if you have any doubt before making a purchase.

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