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Where Class 3 Individual User can be used ?

What is Class 3 Individual User Digital Signature ?

As the name indicates, it is a personal digital signature certificate. It do not contains any company name. Individual User DSC contains user's name, eMail ID, PAN Number, and state name. Buying an Individual User DSC is a minutes process and its paperless.  One can buy Class 3 Digital Signature for Individual Person through Aadhaar eKYC or PAN eKYC since Aadhaar eKYC or PAN eKYC can be done for any individual person only. W.e.f 16.02.2022, Aadhaar Biometric Based Authentication is also introduced by CCA to issue DSC without video verification of a person by authenticating through fingerprint of applicant. Any foreign national can also buy individual dsc by submitting his local identity and address proof of concerned country. W.e.f 01.01.2021, Class 2 Digital Signature was discontinued by CCA. Now Class 2 Digital Signature becomes Class 3 Digital Signature. If you need dsc in bulk order, then you may join our dsc franchise option.


- For Income Tax Return eFiling, Tax Audit eFiling. ROC eFiling, MCA21 eFiling, GST Registration, IEC Registration.

- Provident Fund Claim, EPFO, PF, Trademark and Patent eFiling.

What is Paperless Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate ( DSC ) ?

As the name indicates, No physical papers are required to obtain digital signatures. Paperless Class 3 digital signature certificate can be issued to an applicant by authenticating person's identity through Aadhaar eKYC, PAN eKYC and Biometric Authentication. 

What is Aadhaar Offline eKYC Paperless Process to buy dsc ?


As per guideline by CCA, To process dsc through Aadhaar Offline eKYC mode we need to access applicant data from UIDAI website through Offline XML. Any person whose Aadhaar Card is linked with mobile number can procure Aadhaar paperless digital signature. During the enrollment of digital signature applicant need to confirm some OTPs received on mobile and eMail ID. Since there is a chance of compromise of Aadhaar Offline XML, video verification of applicant is an additional mandatory verification to procure digital signature. Aadhaar Offline eKYC is a paperless and secure process to authenticate a person's identity for digital signature issuance. 

What is PAN eKYC Paperless Process to buy dsc ?


As per guideline by CCA, to process dsc through PAN eKYC mode, we need to collect scanned copy of one photograph, pan card, address proof, eMail ID and Mobile Number of applicant to process pan eKYC based paperless dsc. During the enrollment of digital signature applicant need to confirm some OTPs received on mobile and eMail ID. Since there is a chance of compromise in documents, video verification of applicant with original pan card and address proof is an additional mandatory verification to ensure consent and identity of applicant to procure digital signature.  In compare to PAN eKYC process, Aadhaar eKYC based process is much easier and fast.

What is Aadhaar Biometric Based Paperless Process ?


Any user or person with a valid Aadhaar Number can obtain DSC without Video Verification by giving his or her authentication through fingerprint on biometric machine. Walk in our Office for Aadhaar Biometric based Digital Signature without Video Verification. 

Benefits of Paperless DSC Issuance process

  • Safe , Secure and Fully Authenticated.

  • Paperless, Fast & Time Saving.

  • Enroll Anytime, Anywhere.

  • No Physical documents required.

  • No Physical Presence Required. ( Except Aadhaar Biometric DSC )

  • Legally Under IT ACT 2000.

What is encryption certificate ?

Encryption certificate works with signing certificates. Signing certificate is used to sign any documents but to keep it secure during the transmission encryption certificate is required. Encryption certificate convert any information or documents into a special coded language. Mostly, signing and encryption certificate is required by e tendering, procurements and banks.

What is Foreign National Individual User DSC ?

Foreign National DSC can be issued to any Individual User or Person who is a citizen of other country then India. Any NRI, Foreign National, Foreign Citizen, Person with Indian OCI can buy class 3 digital signature from eSolutions by placing his order online. Applicant need to submit some documents in scanned copy along with neccessary verification like email, phone and video.

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