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PKI Product & Services

eSolutions - Digital Signature Company provides in PKI Product and Services since 2006. We provide below services in our portfolio.

1. Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificates are most common and widely used PKI product. We provides Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. It can be downloaded on USB Token and can be used with password. It can be issued for 1,2 and 3 Years validity to any Individual, Organization, Foreign Applicant. DSC can be issued in two certificates - signing and encryption.  


2. Document Signer Certificate

Document Signer Certificates can be issued under Class 2 Document Signer and Class 3 Document Signer. Class 2 Document Signer Certificate can be downloaded in .PFX file and can be used on multiple servers while Class 3 Document Signer is only download able on HSM ( Hardware Secuiry Module ). Document Signer Certificate helps in automated signing on servers with help of signing solution.


Features of Document Signer Certificate:-

  • Allows bulk signing of hundreds of documents in a single clicks.

  • No manual effort required, full automated process.

  • No USB Token required in Class 2 Document Signer.

  • Document Signing on every page possible.

  • API Integration possible.

  • X.509 based certificate.

3. eSign Services

eSign is an online electronic signature service introduced to help an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign any document. This will save you a ton of money, time and faint hassles involved with signing of the documents. Aadhar e-KYC & Offline e-KYC based authentication possible ! We offer a one-time transaction solution, No USB token needed ! - Easy, Safe & Secure. eSign is legally valid under Section 5 of Indian Information Technology Act. The certificate generated would be valid for 30 mins. for usage, The whole process is convenient, easy and streamlines the workflow efficiently ! We provide eSign Services for enterprises as well as individuals also. 

Why eSign ?

  • Sign document on Mobile / Desktop / Web based login.

  • Easy to use - User friendly process requires no training for signer, quick execution of more contracts.

  • Saves money of sending documents through courier and saves time.

  • Secure and fast. Legel binding.

eSign Services

4. Bulk Signer

Bulk Signer Application will help you digitally sign all your hundreds of PDF Documents together in single click. It is a desktop application that will save your tons of time and automate the process. You can even add multiple signatures to a single page also. Some of the main features of bulk signer :- 

  • API Enabled, API enabled on multi thread.

  • Folder Signing, Document Locking available.

  • Add Image, customer text with your digital signature.

  • Add sign on any desired position & on page.

  • Many more.

Bulk Signer

5. PKI Component Solutions

Now a days digital signing solutions are used by industries and companies globally to comply with regulations, speed up their business process and cost cutting. We offer such signing solutions called PKI Component of PKI Network, with this solution you could design and manage the complete business workflow using APIs. Signing, Encryption & authentication can be done through this PKI network. This solution allows for the most effective use of digital signature & will provide you the benefits involving streamlined business processes, non- repudiation and security.


  • Works on any modern browser.

  • Signing Solution works with USB devices.

  • API is used to interact with our solution through browser.

  • No communication between the client machine and our infrastructure.

Suitable for :

  • Online Tender portals.

  • Web Authentication.

  • Business process signing.

  • Electronic Invoicing.

6. Customized Signing Solutions

We provides you customized signing solutions exclusively designed to cater to your needs and secure your workings all through an easy to use turnkey solution to integrate security mechanisms like HSM, SAP-ERP, EPICOR & other platforms.


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