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DSC Reseller Partner Login ID

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Looking for DSC Reseller Partner Login ID ? We provide DSC reseller plan to issue Digital Signature Certificate for various end users for different applications like ITR eFiling, ROC, MCA21, GST, IEC Registration, Trademark filing, Gram Panchayat, DGFT and many more.

DSC Reseller

We are India's largest company to provide digital signature reseller login id. DSC Reseller can be a person / organization involved in facilitating the sales and verification process of the Digital Signature Certificate. He acts as a RA between CA and End Customer. A Reseller gets access to the dsc reseller portal with unlimited access to create orders, view DSC application status, and download approved signatures. Also, periodic training is also provided by us to train the resellers about changing rules and technology up-gradation.

Benefits of DSC Reseller Login:-

  • New DSC Reseller Login ID

  • Training & Support for DSC issuance.

  • Multi brand shoppe.

  • Quick and easy 24/7 DSC approval.

  • Control everything from your own reseller portal.

  • Complete automatic process of approval.

  • Zero dependencies or waiting.

  • No big investment required.

  • No expiry of purchased stock, counter, or token.

  • Incentive, Cash backs & Paytm Offer.

  • Free DSC when buying more or on special days.

  • No security deposit required.

  • GST bill available.

  • ITC benefit for GST registered vendors.

  • Professional Support & Experienced Management.

  • Lowest price guarantee.

Brands Available : XtraTrust, Capricorn, eMudhra, VSign, PantaSign & Many more.

Types of Digital Signatures Available:

Class 3 Signing :- Most popular and in demand product is Class 3 Signing Digital Signature. It is the core product required for Income Tax Filing, ROC, MCA21, GST, IEC Registration, Trademark Registration and many others.

Class 3 Signing & Encryption ( Combo ) :- This is a advance product mainly required for participation in tendering, auctions with state and central government. In this product, encryption certificate also get issued along with signing certificate.

DGFT Digital Signature ( Signing ) :- Another product which is required and specially crafted for DGFT Website. It is mainly required by IEC Holder Organizations. various licenses can be applied with DGFT DSC on dgft website.

All digital signature certificates can be issued for 1, 2 and 3 Years currently. In our DSC Reseller plan, you can also sell USB Tokens along with Digital Signature Certificates.


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