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How to do Udyam or MSME registration

To do Udyam or MSME Registration follow below steps:-

Step 1: Open Website and click on For New Enterpreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME or those with EM-II

Step 2: Enter Aadhaar Number and Name of Applicant in Aadhaar. Click on Validate & Generate OTP

Step 3: OTP will be received on mobile , enter the OTP and click on Validate.

Step 4: Next select type of Organization. Select Proprietary and enter PAN Number. Click on PAN Validate and then Continue.

Step 5: On next screen, Click on NO for do you have GSTIN

Step 6: Next enter Individual Person Name as per Aadhaar, Mobile Number and eMail ID.

Step 7: Select below option as applicable. Enter Enterprise name / Organization name as per your choice.

Step 8: Next enter Location of Unit / Your office address and click on Add Unit.

Step 9: Next enter your office address, then N/A in 14th point and enter your business start dates. Also enter your bank details.

Step 10 : Nexr Select Services and enter NIC 2 Digit Code, NIC 4 Digit Code and NIC 5 Digit Code as per your business or select as given below and click on Add More Activities. Enter your employee details.

Step 11: Next enter 0 in Exclusion of cost of Pollution Control, then Select choices in 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26 as per your choices. Here we do NO for all.

Step 12: In the last, click on Submit & Get Final OTP, Pop up will be opened, click on OK button.

Step 13: Enter the OTP received, Verification code and click on Final Submit. Pop will be opened, click on OK.

Step 14: Pop up will be opened and you will get Udyam Registration Number. Click on OK.

Step 15: On next screen, click on Print Certificate.

Step 16: On next screen, enter Udyam Registration Number, Mobile Number, OTP on Mobile and Validate & Generate OTP.

Step 17: Enter the OTP and Click on Validate OTP & Login.

Step 18: Click on Print Certificate

Step 19: Now click on Print with Annexure.

Step 20: Save it as PDF on your desktop. Upload full cerificate.

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