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How to register DSC on the EPFO website ?

Follow below steps to to register DSC on EPFO Website:-

Prerequisites to register DSC on the EPFO portal:

  • Valid Class 3 DSC along with USB Token.

  • Installed DSC software.

  • User ID and password to login to the portal.

Step 1: Log in to Unified Employers Portal. Then click on the Establishment drop-down menu and select DSC/e-SIGN.

Step 2: Enter details of the authorized signatory such as name, designation and mobile number. Choose Sign with your USB Token and click on Submit.

Step 3: A popup will appear with the message Do you want to run this application ? Click on Run.

Step 4: Now, the DSC details of the authorized signatory will be displayed. Select the DSC and click on Register DSC.

Step 5: Enter the user PIN given to you by the DSC provider and click 'OK' to complete the registration process.

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