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TrusToken - Scosta Compliant DSC Token

Trustoken by CDAC: Securing the Future of Digital Transactions

TrusToken is the outcome of the collective efforts by CDAC Noida and IIT Bhilai. TrusToken enables PKI-based operations, with the additional support of ECC. TrusToken is another DSC Token which will be available in India in addition to existing Digital Signature Tokens like HYP2003 & Proxkey.


TrusToken offers strong authentication to achieve secure access control to applications storing and retrieving data and digital signature applications etc. TrusToken works on Indigenously developed Operating System (OS) which complies with the BIS standard known as IS-16695 part 1 and part2. The operating system provides a strong mechanism to enforce the "What you Know" and "What you have" constraints for authentication.

Some of the key features of our State of the Art, TrusToken are as follows,

  1. The TrusToken may use majorly for cryptographic Operations such Digital Signature and can also use to gain access to an electronically restricted resource.

  2. The developed Application Security Framework is developed around the TrusToken to enhance the usages of Token is various number of ways such as Secure Web Access, Secure Login and Heartbeat and many more.

  3. It can also bring 2-factor authentication to applications where security is critical.

  4. The TrusToken also support PKCS#11 andPKCS#7 interfaces for easy integration with supported application.

The main part of TrusToken is the private key generated in the token never leaves the container/token during the lifetime.

The TrusToken is based on the two leading chipset OEM and recently conducted meeting with the Indian Manufacturer for manufacturing the “TrusToken”.

Use Cases
  • Digital Sigature & Document Signer

  • VPN Establishment

  • Secure App Frameworks: Secure Access Any Web Application.

  • Data Rights Management: Securely Store and Access Data

  • E-GOV Application Integration (In Progress)

Salient Features
  • Compact & Lightweight – Plug and Play Device (USB)

  • Indigenous Operating System based on IS 16695 (Part I and II)

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • PC/SC, CCID, PKCS#11, and PKCS#7 Compliance

  • Supports both RSA (up to 4096) and ECC (Curve – P-256)

  • Mobile Seva OTP service integration for secure login

TrusToken Usage Applications

Use Cases of Trustoken:-

Trustoken's versatility extends its applicability to various sectors and industries:

  1. Financial Services: Trustoken can be used for secure and efficient financial transactions, including cross-border payments, lending, and asset tokenization.

  2. Supply Chain Management: The transparency and traceability offered by Trustoken make it ideal for tracking goods in the supply chain, reducing fraud, and ensuring product authenticity.

  3. Healthcare: Trustoken can improve patient data security and streamline healthcare transactions, such as electronic health records and insurance claims.

  4. Government: CDAC's Trustoken can enhance the security and transparency of government services, including voting systems and public records.

TrusToken Unique Propositions

TrusToken Unique Propositions

Specifications & Applications

TrusToken Specifications

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