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How To Apply For A Digital Signature Certificate ?

Updated: May 4, 2023

How To Apply For A Digital Signature Certificate ?

Looking for a digital signature certificate ? You are on the right platform. Ordering a DSC was never so easy. Follow below steps to apply a digital signature from our website.

How To Apply For A Digital Signature Certificate

Buy Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate or DGFT Digital Signature directly from our website. Or you can explore our all products. Before understanding the process to apply and buy a digital signature certificate, let us see usage of digital signature and prospect customer.

With the boost of Digital India, be it eTendering or Incorporating a Private Limited Company everything can be done online with help of digital signature as authentication tool. While doing all these transactions, identifying the correct person and authenticating the same is also imporant. In e tendering, digital signature is most critical part for an organization as it involves monetary transactions as well as confidential documents also.

So sending these documents during the transaction is required and encryption certificate plays an important role in it. Likewise, other transactions like Gst registration, Trademark Registration, New IEC Enrollment, EPFO and others also require same authentication. Depending on the usage, there are category of digital signatures available with us.

Different Classes of Digital Signature Certificates: -

Class 1: It is most basic type of certificate yet it can not be used for companies. It only verifies name and eMail address of individuals.

Class 2: Class 2 was in most demand for companies and individuals for tax filing purposes but as per CCA guidelines Class 2 DSCs were discontinued w.e.f 01.01.2021.

Class 3: Currently only class 3 digital certificate can be used for all purposes and it can be issued as per usage of applicant.

So you can Class 3 Digital Signature as per your requirement as per below process:-

Steps to Order Class 3 Digital Signature / DGFT Digital Signature.

Step 1: Visit Class 3 DSC or DGFT DSC Buy Page.

Step 2: Choose your product, validity and USB Token requirement. ( Click here to check which DSC to choose and buy )

Step 3: Add the product to Cart and Fill billing and other details.

Step 4: Make payment and complete your order.

Step 5: After receiving payment, We will contact you for documents and verification.

Step 6: Complete verification and your Digital Signature will be ready.

Documents required for Digital Signature Certificate :

Required Documents depends on type of user taking DSC. You can check Document List here.


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