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Process to complete VSign Partner Login eKYC

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

As per CCA Guidelines, now every DSC partner must complete their login Organizational KYC. We will explain steps to complete VSign Partner Login.

Requirement to process KYC:-

  1. PAN Card Copy

  2. Business Registration Certificate like GST Certificate ( If you have GST Number ) / MSME Certificate / Udhyam Aadhaar / Shop establishment / Trade license / commercial license. How to do MSME / Udyam Registration -

Step 1: Open your VSign Partner Login and Click on Apply DSC and then Apply for Aadhaar DSC Menu on left side and below window will be opened. Click on Proceed button.

VSign Login KYC

Step 2.1 : On next screen choose your Organization Type. Here we are choosing Proprietorship because maximum partners are Individual. Choose Proprietorship even if you are an Individual user. After choosing Proprietorship Type, Tick on Doesn't Have a GSTIN ( If you do not have GST Number ) then Enter Individual PAN Number in Organization PAN field, aadhaar address, eKYC PIN like 123456. On right side screen, enter Aadhaar Number of RA User, Security Code and Click on Get OTP. Pop up window will be opened if OTP sent sccessfully.

VSign Login KYC
If you are an Individual User

Step 2.2 : Choose Proprietorship and enter GST Number if you have GST Number, Enter KYC PIN like 123456, enter aadhaar number, security code and click on Get OTP. Once OTP received, enter the OTP and click on on Validate OTP.

Step 3: After clicking on Validate OTP, you will see your details same as in Aadhaar, enter Mobile Number registered in aadhar, PAN Number, tick undertaking and click on Submit and eSign Now.

Step 4: After click on Submit & eSign now in last steps, pop up window will be opened, click on OK on it. One OTP will be received, enter that OTP, enter KYC PIN and click on eSign RA Agreement.

You will get Thank You message with enrollment ID. Click on Close button.

Step 5: Check your eMail ID for Verification of email provided in RA Enrollment. Click on the link given in the eMail ID and You will get Email Verified Successfully message.

Step 6: Next you will receive eMail to comeplete Video Verification, Documents Upload and eSign RA Application in the last.

Step 7: Complete following steps:-

1. Upload Documents: First of all, Click on Upload document link given in eMail and Upload your documents as per list.

  1. PAN Card Copy

  2. Business Registration Certificate like GST Certificate ( In case you have GST ) OR MSME Certificate / Udhyam Aadhaar / Shop establishment / Trade license / commercial license / . You can register for Udhyam Aadhaar -

Upload business registration certificate/ gst certificate in Authorization Letter also and click on Submit.

2. Video Verification: To do video verification click on link given in eMail. Click on Record button, read the lines written on the screen and display your original documents like original PAN card copy, gst certificate and any other document ( if you have uploaded any ) , enter captcha and click on Submit Video.

eSign RA Application: If you completed step 5, then it is already completed. Otherwise follow the given steps.

If you have any issue in completing eKYC then share screenshot with us in your WhatsApp group.

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If you don't have VSign Login ID, Click on below link to create new login.


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